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Before purchasing either of the above, it is imperative you know the difference between the available products in the market as a guide for you to make the exact purchase for your need and requirement.


SERVER RACK: This is mostly used to install Servers, Monitors, UPS, CPU, etc. By industry standard the width is 600mm. But consideration must be given to the depth of the rack which must be compatible with the depth of the industry leading Servers such as DELL, HP, IBM, etc. For this reason the minimum depth recommended is 1000mm. Popular Server rack is referred to as 42U. Though Server rack ranges from 18U—47U with width of 600mm and depth of 1000mm. For example 42U (600 x 1000), meaning 42U rack with width of 600mm and depth of 1000mm.

For where multiple cabling is needed then a Server rack with vertical cable management is required. This means that an 800mm width Server rack is required. For example 42U (800 x 1000) where 800mm is the width and 1000mm is the depth.

Another important consideration when purchasing a server rack is the ventilation and cooling system; As the equipment installed in the rack are active, they generate a lot of heat. To protect the installed equipment from poor performance and failure due to generated heat, it is strongly recommended that the rack must have pre-installed minimum of 4 nos. cooling fans, perforated (mesh) front and back doors.  


NETWORK RACK: Often times Network rack is mistaken to be Server rack. There is however a difference between the two. Network rack includes Wall mounted rack. The industry standard width is the same 600mm. The depth vary from 450mm—800mm. The range is from 4U—47U.

Generally installed in Network rack are Switches, Patch panels, horizontal cable organizers, Routers, network accessories. These products are passive and so generate little or no heat.

Network rack usually have front glass door. Ideally, it is expected that Network rack be equipped with 2—4 nos. cooling fans to extract hot air.

For a smaller network and lack of space Wall mounted rack is recommended.


SOLUTION: The solution to both Server rack and Network rack is NETWELL. (To see NETWELL range of Server and Network rack click here)